HybridTeam Updates 1 - Evolutions, Apologies, and a Happy New Year

(This is a series of updates from the insides of HybridTeam, upcoming ROMs and apps are here too!)

Before everything starts, we would like to apologize for all inconveniences caused by our faulty update infrastructure. We'll be re-building our update infrastructures to be fail-safe. This time, with a server-2-server system. This would make updating fail-safe and seamless for everyone.

We also want to wish everyone a happy new year! May 2018 be a lucky year for you, for us, and for everyone.

Let's start!

Four For Prime
Prime 4 is coming on its way. This time, with a more beautiful Samsung Experience 8-inspired look, similar to the Galaxy S8/Note8. From the lock screen to the call screen, every aspect of Prime 4 is more beautiful than ever.

We are still upstreaming changes from the planned (J3 2016) base to the old (On7 Hybrid) base. We have done this since the planned base is too unstable for Prime. This would take time.

Prime (Edge Edition) would also be having a hiatus, in preparation for Prime 4.x.

Evolution is Coming
We are going to re-start the Evo Project.

The Evo Project aims to give the Prime experience on an AOSP base, so it's beautiful without sacrificing performance.

TouchWiz-themed AOSP ROMs are a thing on the MediaTek platform thanks to EvolutionROM; and is coming to the Snapdragon platform for the first time with the Evo Project.

This time, We're going to use a Nougat base since it's more easier to make it Prime-styled, and for Security Patches, of course.

The final name for the Evo Project, and its upcoming features will be unveiled two months before release.

Well, we'll see you this 2018!


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