(Updated) Prime 3.2.3 – Cleanest Changes, Bug Fixes, and a New Panel!

Update: Added link for the November Security Update.

A week ago, Prime 3.2.2 was released. Fast forward to today, a new major OTA lands to Prime 3.2. We are proud to introduce, Prime 3.2.3 "Attractive Amber"!

First Things First – Security Patches
Prime 3.2.3-3 now includes the November Security Patch, which wasn’t included with the 20171029 update. It now includes patches for the KrAcK WLAN vulnerability affecting a lot of Android devices. Prime 3.2.3-3 also includes other patches from the November Security patch, available here.

Please note that patches are done software-side so vulnerability scanners may not detect this fix.

Second – Performance
Thanks to a lot of input from users, we have now created the best formula for performance. A lot of build.prop and init scripts have been modified to increase performance, from Low Memory Killer parameters, to SWAP.

And where Prime shines, our in-house DVFS changes. This time, we have use DVFS parameters from the J3 Pro (J3110) that has dynamic FPS, better RAM management, and better CPU scaling.

Third – Design Fixes
Aside from our new things below, Prime 3.2.3 also got minor design fixes, including ported system (excluding screen off) animations from the Galaxy S7. Delays along the recent app panels have been lessened and disabled, thereby making it much faster to use.

Meet the Prime Panel
Prime has got into two iterations of its SystemUI/Notification panel design. From the Stock-like one from Gracified Hybrid to Prime 2.x, to the smaller one used with Prime 3.1.x-3.2.2. With Prime 3.2.3, we are proud to introduce, the Prime Panel.

The Prime Panel focuses on productivity and ease of use. Now with 6 toggles on-screen, actions are now easier to perform, since more toggles can now fit to one screen. Prime Panel closely resembles the S8’s, with its elegant design, to its uniformity.

The Prime Panel will be available starting the 3.2.3-2 OTA.

A More Awesome Camera – and Sensors too!
While Prime 3.2.2-3 fixed Camera for XXU variants of the Galaxy Grand Prime, the sensor and vibrators have been left out. Prime 3.2.3-3 then fixes them completely; add that with more improvements to the Camera.

Bugs are Gone!
Finally! More bugs, including graphical and major bugs have been ironed out.
One bug with the alarm clock involves changing the ringtone when an alarm is edited. Changing such force closes the app. It turned out that it was caused by a faulty Smat library that was included with the Galaxy On7 base. It was changed to the library included with the U.S. variants of the Galaxy Grand Prime (running Lollipop) and was fixed.

Another bug prevents developers and ROM users to do a logcat or log using ADB. It was caused by an init script that disables such, which is said to improve performance. We have deleted this script to allow for easier bug tracking. Performance is not affected.

Another bug also persisted with Samsung Music since Prime 2.x, which was subsequently fixed with Prime 3.1.x, but re-adding it on Prime 3.2 still does the same. It involves going to its Settings menu, resulting to a force close. We have then updated the app to 16.2 (from its former 16.1) and the bug was fixed.

Changelog for 3.2.3-3S “Attractive Amber”
  • alldevice: Android 7.0.1 Nougat
  • alldevice: Complete November Security Patch
  • alldevice: Camera improvements for all variants
  • alldevice: Performance fixes and improvements.
  • alldevice: Re-enabling of Logcat and ADB Logging features.
  • alldevice: [ClockPackage] Fixed FC involving setting a different ringtone to alarm.
  • alldevice: [Hy_Shop] Fixed Hybrid Shop not downloading AddONs.
  • alldevice: [SMAT] Replaced by the one used in gprimelte Stock ROM.
  • alldevice: [SMusic] Fixed Settings FC.
  • alldevice: [SPlanner] Fixed Edit Event white-on-white text.
  • alldevice: [SystemUI] New notification panel and recent apps design.
  • alldevice: [WallpaperPicker_N] Fixed force closing when “Home and Lock Screens” have been selected.
  • alldevice: Fixed apps using the S8 Clock Font as the number font.
  • fortuna3g: Fixes for camera, sensor, and vibrator.
  • fortunalte: Fixes for camera, sensor, and vibrator.

This OTA consolidates fixes from 3.2.2-3 to 3.2.2-4 and will be available to all users, including those with 3.2.2-2 still installed, or to new installs of the ROM.

Download Prime 3.2.3 today on the Software updates menu!
Due to a lib bug, Camera doesn't work on XXU devices with 3.2.3-2S. If you already downloaded and installed the 3.2.3-2 update, download the 3.2.3-3S update to fix it.

If you haven't yet, the OTA app should download 3.2.3-3S instead of 3.2.3-2S.


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