Prime 3.2.3-4 is now available!

A day after 3.2.3’s release, we would like to release the 3.2.3-4 update, which irons out more bugs and lags from Prime 3.2.

Subtle Changes
Since we introduced the Prime Panel for Prime 3.2.3, we have come to a few bugs. 3.2.3-4 fixes it. 3.2.3-4 also introduces a more compact volume panel, which near-resembles the current generation of Samsung Experience. A larger SWAP has been also set, allowing for the SystemUI (that usually crashes during “out-of-ram”) to stay resident in memory.

A graphical quirk involving the SIM switcher in the notification panel has also been fixed.

A bug with the ROM Framework, involving a crashing Easter Egg UI has also been fixed.

Oh, Before We Forgot
Starting Attractive Amber (3.2.3), a script is run during OTA that removes the “SELinux is not Enforcing” message during boot. This doesn’t remove the “Set warranty bit” message, but it makes the boot screen much cleaner. This applies regardless you have Magisk or any system-less root installed.

Also, dalvik-cache generation is faster after updating, thanks to a new ART core. This does not disable Xposed compatibility.

Changelog for 3.2.3-4S “Attractive Amber”
alldevice: Android 7.0.1 Nougat
alldevice: Performance fixes and improvements
alldevice: [Hy_OTA] Added Feedback option on the main menu.
alldevice: [Hy_RomFramework] Fixed FC on easter egg.
alldevice: [SystemUI] Subtle code and layout changes.

Download it from the Software Updates app today!


  1. Where the updates are today is Monday!

  2. Não tô conseguindo att. aparece que a atualização parou

  3. hi i want to ask a question the rom prime 3.2 is compatible for the galaxy prime g531h? can I install it ??

    1. brod pwede ba ma install sa g531h yang rom?salamat

  4. Podrían hacer una versión para Galaxy Grand Prime g531h?

  5. When I do a software update the app stops


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