Prime 3.2.2-2S and 3.2.2-3S - Messy Changes, Dreamy UIs, and a lot of Optimizations

After almost 2 months of development, Prime is back with something new and better! From security patches, to new features, Prime 3.2 is a new ROM to see for!

Here are the new things from Prime 3.2.2-2 Amazing Aubergine and its at-launch OTA update, 3.2.2-3S.

First Things First – Security Patches
Prime 3.2.2-2 includes the August, September, and October Security Patches, which includes fixes for the BlueBorne vulnerability affecting Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones. This vulnerability attacks a buffer on Bluetooth drivers, enabling the attacker to gain access to your device.  Prime 3.2.2-2 also includes other patches from the October Security patch, which can be found on Google’s page here. Please note that patches are done software-side so vulnerability scanners may not detect this fix.

Prime 3.2.2-3 includes the November Security Patch, which includes fixes for the KrAcK WLAN vulnerability affecting Prime 3.2.2-3 also includes other patches from the November Security patch, which will be available in the next few days. Also note that patches are done software-side so vulnerability scanners may not detect this fix.

Design Matters – and Where Revolution Started
Hybrid Developers proudly introduces Android 7.0 Nougat for Prime 3.2, bringing more surprises to your device.

Prime 3.2.2 also re-introduces the DreamUX base, first introduced with Prime 2.x. Where Prime 2.x lacks, is where Prime 3.2 shines. More vibrant themes, colors, and updated apps make Prime closer to the newer Galaxy J-series of devices. Prime also introduces new fonts, including the DreamUX Clock on the Lock and Weather clock widgets.

The Camera and Gallery apps have also been updated, now sporting a Dream-themed UI. Samsung Music has also been updated, now using the version used on the S8 and S8+.

Meet a New Way to Customize your Device
Meet AddONs, powered by Hybrid Mobile Services. The new Hybrid Shop brings these AddONs, easier to get from your device. HMS-compliant ROMs will also get AddONs in their future updates.

For developers: Please start porting Prime 3.2 instead of Prime 3.1 for HMS compliance.

Meet the New Family Member – and a Few Bade Goodbye
Thanks to all contributors to the project! And after 2 months, Prime has a new family member. Meet the Galaxy Grand Prime FZ (fortunafz)!

But things come and go. Unfortunately, due to the lack of testers during Beta, support for Galaxy Grand Prime (Brazilian; SM-G530M) has been dropped. Support for the American Grand Prime variants (SM-G530T/T1-W) has been also dropped due to bugs with Prime 3.1 Beta.

Bugs are Gone
A bug for the keyboard switching has been fixed. It was caused by a rouge overlay layer breaking the system when such dialog shows up, and reboots the device automatically. The bug should also be present other apps, but this shows prominently on the Keyboard Switcher dialog.

Performance has now been completely fixed, and also includes Samsung’s Gamer Tuner, allowing you to control performance during play.
A bug with S Planner’s layout, involving a white-on-white text during event editing has been fixed. The S8 Font has also been fixed on various system apps, now uses normal “Samsung Sans” numbers instead of the S8 Clock fonts. A bug with the Wallpaper Picker has also been fixed with 3.2.2-3.

Prime 3.2.2-3 also includes updates to the camera modules, making shots much more vibrant and beautiful.

Full Changelog
Prime 3.2.2-2
  • alldevice: Android 7.0.1 Nougat
  • alldevice: October Security Patch
  • alldevice: DreamUX Theme
  • alldevice: Fixes for automatic rebooting when user changes keyboards.
  • alldevice: Performance fixes for all devices
  • fortuna3g: Addition of FM Radio
  • fortunave3g: Addition of FM Radio
  • fortunafz: Added official support. Maintained by mdmaher@XDA
  • grandprimeltexx: Dropped official support.
  • fortunalteub: Dropped official support.

Prime 3.2.2-3
  • alldevice: Android 7.0.1 Nougat
  • alldevice: November Security Patch
  • alldevice: [Hy_Shop] Fixed Hybrid Shop not downloading AddONs.
  • alldevice: [SPlanner] Fixed Edit Event white-on-white text.
  • alldevice: Fixed apps using the S8 Clock Font as numbers.
  • alldevice: [WallpaperPicker_N] Fixed force closing when “Home and Lock Screens” have been selected.
  • alldevice: Camera improvements for all variants.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the most beautiful Prime you’ve ever seen.

Please update via OTA after setup to ensure the best experience.


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